Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
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Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
Harry Dillon McLean Perpetual Trophy

We have a special award for an individual who embodies the spirit of social partner dancing over the course of the three days of the competition. A trophy will be awarded to a dancer selected by a small group of judges including Maria Dillon who initiated the idea for this prize.

The spirit of social partner dancing is all about connection:

  • connection with the community
  • connection with dance partners
  • connection with music
  • and outwardly showing respect for these connections
Connection with the Community

We're looking for those dancers who go out of their way to connect with not only dancers from their own studio but with dancers from the wider dance community.

Who is asking other people for a dance? Who is being sociable with a wide range of dancers?

Connection with Dance Partners

When dancing in any category of the competition we want to be fully present for our partner and treat them with care and respect.

We're looking for someone whose enthusiasm and passion for dancing comes from within and is shared with whomever is their partner at the time.

Connection with Music

Dancing is about moving to music and expressing one's own individual style within the context of the song currently playing.

We're looking for someone who inspires us to connect with the music.

Showing Respect for these Connections

Our outward appearance can set the tone of what we do and where we are. It can communicate what the event and community are worth to you.

In the spirit of "suiting up", a core value for Harry, we’re looking for someone who cares enough about the event and community to put effort into their appearance for the event.

Prize Giving

The recipient of the trophy will be announced at Sunday Prize Giving.

This is a perpetual trophy where each winner will have their name recorded on the trophy. The winner may keep the trophy for a year and we ask that it be returned for the next Christchurch Champs.