Refresh Dance Weekend
My Refresh

Here's our general programme for the weekend.

Pairings for Lucky Dip will be on display from the start of the night.

General Programme
Running Order

Times may change so we recommend that you stay at the venue.


6:00pmJudges' Intensive
7:30pmDoors Open
7:30pm✨ Party Starts ✨
19:00pmPrepared FreestyleFinal1
9:30amDoors Open
10:00am📣 Briefings 📣
10:10am💃 Social Dancing 🕺
210:30amDWAS Level 2Heats3
10:51am💃 Social Dancing 🕺
311:06amPartner BlindHeats3
411:21amMashup Int 2-4Heats2
511:33amMashup Adv 5-8Practice1
11:41am💃 Social Dancing 🕺
612:01pmDWAS Level 1Semi-Final2
712:13pmDWAS Level 2Semi-Final2
812:25pmDWAS Level 3Practice1
12:31pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
912:46pmPartner BlindSemi-Final2
1012:56pmFreestyle Level 1Heats2
111:08pmFreestyle Level 2Heats2
121:20pmFreestyle Level 3Practice1
1:30pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
131:50pmLucky Dip Group 1Semi-Final2
142:02pmLucky Dip Group 2Semi-Final2
152:14pmLucky Dip Group 3Semi-Final2
2:26pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
162:46pmBattle of the ThemesSemi-Final2
2:58pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
173:18pmPartner BlindFinal1
183:23pmDWAS Level 1Final1
193:29pmDWAS Level 2Final1
203:35pmDWAS Level 3Final1
3:40pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
224:00pmMashup Adv 5-8Final1
214:06pmMashup Int 2-4Final1
4:12pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
234:27pmLucky Dip Group 1Final1
244:33pmLucky Dip Group 2Final1
254:39pmLucky Dip Group 3Final1
4:45pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
265:00pmFreestyle Level 1Final1
275:06pmFreestyle Level 2Final1
285:12pmFreestyle Level 3Final1
5:22pm🥧🥗 DINNER BREAK 🍦☕️
7:00pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
298:00pmBattle of the ThemesFinal1
8:10pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
9:00pm🏆 Prize Giving 🏆
9:20pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
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