Refresh Dance Weekend
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Here's our general programme for the weekend.

Pairings for Lucky Dip will be on display from the start of the night.

General Programme
Running Order

Times may change so we recommend that you stay at the venue.

1Prepared FreestyleFinal1
2DWAS Level 2Heats3
3Partner BlindHeats3
4Mashup Int 2-4Heats2
5Mashup Adv 5-8Practice1
6DWAS Level 1Semi-Final2
7DWAS Level 2Semi-Final2
8DWAS Level 3Practice1
9Partner BlindSemi-Final2
10Freestyle Level 1Heats2
11Freestyle Level 2Heats2
12Freestyle Level 3Practice1
13Lucky Dip Group 1Semi-Final2
14Lucky Dip Group 2Semi-Final2
15Lucky Dip Group 3Semi-Final2
16Battle of the ThemesSemi-Final2
17Partner BlindFinal1
18DWAS Level 1Final1
19DWAS Level 2Final1
20DWAS Level 3Final1
21Mashup Int 2-4Final1
22Mashup Adv 5-8Final1
23Lucky Dip Group 1Final1
24Lucky Dip Group 2Final1
25Lucky Dip Group 3Final1
26Freestyle Level 1Final1
27Freestyle Level 2Final1
28Freestyle Level 3Final1
29Battle of the ThemesFinal1