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Modern Jive Points Index


There are a number of affiliated competitions in New Zealand and Australia:

  • SummerJive
  • Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
  • iDance Modern Jive Dance Championships
  • Simply Wellington
  • DanceMAD Melbourne Modern Jive Championship

The main feature of the MJPI is that dancers earn points based on how far they progress through a competition round.

There are four competition levels for main events such as freestyle but there is no restriction on the range and number of categories that a competition can offer. Affiliation only determines how points are awarded to competitors.

Benefits of Affiliation

Being affiliated means that the competitions have certain aspects in common with each other:

  • Competitors experience consistent and logical progression
  • Tracking of competitors' performance
  • User friendly scoring/scrutineering system
  • Online registration system from 2019

Should I Be Affiliated?

If you have a system that currently works well for you then there is probably no need to change. At the end of the day competitors want to attend an event that is enjoyable and well run.

If you want more information then please get in touch.