Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
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Christchurch Modern Jive Championships

Spectators are very welcome to attend Champs!

For information on getting here and parking please see our venue page:

Tickets and Entry

Tickets are available on the door (EFTPOS available - sorry no credit cards). There is social dancing throughout the weekend between competition events.

Spectator Tickets
Friday $20
Saturday $20
Sunday $10
Following the Action

If you are here to watch to a particular competitor then make sure they let you know which events they are in. You can then view the running order to help you know when to look out for them. We also have a projector screen displaying which events are coming up next.

Seating, Food & Drink

Seating is unreserved and we have a number of areas where spectators can view the dance floor.

Please read the conditions regarding food and drink at the venue:

Dance Etiquette

We think this stuff is important, we hope you do too. It applies to both social dancing and competing.

  • Try not to bump others while social dancing on a crowded floor
  • The least experienced dancers are allowed right of way
  • At the end of a dance please leave the floor with your partner

Plus a few more essential tips here: