Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
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Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
Masters Freestyle

We have two categories for Masters to give some of the older dancers a chance to compete against each other. Modern Jive has been in New Zealand (and Australia) for over 25 years and so there are plenty of dancers who will be thrilled to enter a competition with these categories.

You must stick to your role - lead or follow - for the duration of the dance.

Those in a higher age bracket can also enter one lower one.

40+ (for competitors aged 40 and over)
  • Both competitors in a 40 and Over couple must be 40 years old or older on the day of the competition
40+ Split Levels

For 40+ we have two groups based on the sum of the levels of the competitors,

  • lower group: sum range is 2 - 4
  • upper group: sum range is 5 - 8

For example, in the lower group a Level 3 competitor can dance with a Level 1. Level 4 dancers have to dance in the upper group.

55+ (for competitors aged 55 and over)
  • Both competitors in a 55 and Over couple must be 55 years old or older on the day of the competition
  • You can also enter 40+
Allowable Moves

Remember - simpler moves done well is better than complex moves done not so well 😉

  • Supported moves are allowed in Level 2 and above.
  • Baby aerials are allowed in Level 3 and above.

See rules for more information,

Judging Criteria

Please refer to the general section on judging criteria.