Big Moves

Big moves are specialist moves that tend not to be performed on the social dance floor.

Formerly known as Aerials, this category now includes any move that is technically complex or more dynamic than those used in regular social dancing.

The more complex a move the harder it is to do with a wide range of partners, so this category is particularly suited for couples who like to challenge their partnership skills in different ways.

Restricted Entry

To ensure the safety of all those involved Big Moves is for Level 2 dancers and above or who have been given permission to enter from the Competition Director.


When performing big moves such as aerials it is imperative to consider the safety of yourself, your partner and other people around you.

Couples must ensure there is sufficient space around them when performing big moves and must not encroach on another couple’s dance space or they will be disqualified.

There will be a maximum of 5 couples on the floor at any one time.

Specific Judging Criteria

This is a dance competition - any moves that competitors perform need to be done to the music. While complex moves give less room for musicality and interpretation they must still fit in with key aspects of the music such as phrasing and underlying timing.

Entrances and Exits
  • It is important for couples to bear in mind that it's not just about big moves but to also stay true to the music with good timing
  • Having a clean entry and exit is very important, as is making the moves fit the music
Move Selection

So long as couples still dance to the music judges will be considering the complexity of moves performed when deciding a final order.


Songs will be chosen to help dancers perform will and where timing is clear / easy to follow.

We will provide a list of the songs that will be played in this category on this page once entries close, this will help competitors fit their moves to the music.

The final will consist of two songs.