Wedding Dance Lessons with Deb

Wedding Dance Lessons With Deb


Here are some comments from some of my couples. More testimonials are on my Facebook page.

"Your ability to teach a couple of random individuals some hot new moves brought our Mum's to tears and everyone was stunned. We felt like the King and Queen of the dance floor as we managed to pull off the moves you'd shown us!

Thank you both so much, not only did we have fun learning but we looked like total pros to all our guests when having our first dance as husband and wife!

All the best to you both.
J and A"

"...I just wanted to let you guys know our wedding dance was a HIT! 'M' seemed to be oblivious to everyone and became an amazing fun dancer! I couldn't believe how good it was! I was stoked and everyone was so impressed! It made the day perfect as we hadn't had much time to practice in the weeks leading to the wedding and I was beginning to get quite anxious but he was perfect! I couldn't believe how he flowed, was relaxed and actually smiled! You should have heard all the comments and cheers! People are still talking about it!!

Thank you for the one-on-one that helped so much. We will be coming back...

...Love 'A' & 'M' "

"Our wedding dance was awesome - our family and friends could not believe it!!!!! We both didn't put a foot wrong (no pun)

D & A"

"We decided to take some lessons prior to our wedding so that we could have some co-ordination for our wedding dance and loved it so much we ended up with a fully choreographed routine. Very few of our guests knew we had been working on this so when it came time to take the floor it was a show stopper. We had so many comments from people saying they now wanted to learn Modern Jive and when we have showed off some of our moves at other events we always get comments.

We had a lot of fun learning and practicing and love the ability to dance properly together when the time is right. Thank you so much to Matt and Deb for their patience it was such a great success."