If you're competing you'll need to register before Monday, 1 Apr 2024 11:59pm.

BUT the 3 Day Pass is only available until 11 March as it's an early bird special!


3 Day All Inclusive Pass $159

Individual Days

Friday Dance Party $20
Saturday 2 Events $71
Unlimited Events $94
Sunday 2 Events $53
Unlimited Events $67


  • Prepared Freestyle on Friday is only available with the 3 day pass
  • Teams and Showcases each count as a category
  • You can make payments at a frequency that suits you
  • Please ensure that you're fully paid up by the early bird date or closing date where applicable

Spectators / Social Dancers

Spectators and social dancers are welcome throughout the weekend.

Tickets are available on the door.

Day Cost
Friday $20
Saturday before 6:00pm free
Saturday after 6:00pm $10
Sunday free

Terms & Conditions

  • Tickets and competition registration are only valid once full payment has been received
  • Dancing is an athletic sport and the organiser takes no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or injury to persons or possessions in relation to this event
  • You may make your own video recording and others may record your participation and maintain the right to use these recordings in any media with no obligation to you. However we do ask that you respect the privacy of others by minimising the amount of publicly searchable personal information

Other Responsibilities

  • Please make sure your shoes will not damage or mark the floor. If the size of the base of your heel is smaller than a New Zealand 20c piece or smaller you must wear heel caps. Heel caps are available for purchase from the front desk
  • Keep it clean - please dress and act appropriately for a social dance evening


Photographers will be at work during the event so that photos of participants can be published online for competitors to enjoy. Consent to be photographed is a condition of entry with the proviso that individuals can request the removal of a photo. If you share a photo please credit the original photographer where appropriate.


Obviously no one in their right mind would ever dream of pulling out of such a fantastic event, so if it does happen then it must be something really serious. Therefore we are only too happy to give you a full refund 😊