Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
My Champs
Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
Running Order


7:15pmDoors Open
7:30pm✨ Party Starts ✨
8:00pmGuest Performance
8:05pm✨ Party Continues ✨
19:00pmPrepared FreestyleFinal1
9:30pm✨ Party Continues ✨
8:30amDoors Open
8:55amJudges Briefing
9:05am📣 Competitor Briefing 📣
9:15am💃 Social Dancing 🕺
29:30amPartner Blind IntHeats4
39:50amPartner Blind AdvHeats3
10:05am💃 Social Dancing 🕺
410:15amMashup Int 2-4Heats4
510:35amMashup Adv 5-8Heats3
10:50am💃 Social Dancing 🕺
611:00amDWAS Level 1Heats4
711:30amDWAS Level 2Heats5
812:00pmDWAS Level 3Heats3
12:18pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
912:28pmFreestyle Level 2Heats4
1012:48pmFreestyle Level 3Heats3
1:03pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
111:13pmPartner Blind IntSemi-Final2
121:23pmPartner Blind AdvSemi-Final2
1:35pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
131:45pmMashup Int 2-4Semi-Final2
141:55pmMashup Adv 5-8Semi-Final2
2:05pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
152:15pmBig MovesPractice2
162:20pmFreestyle Level 4Heats2
2:30pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
172:40pmDWAS Level 1Semi-Final2
182:58pmDWAS Level 2Semi-Final3
193:16pmDWAS Level 3Semi-Final2
203:28pmDWAS Level 4Heats2
3:40pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
213:50pmFreestyle Level 1Heats2
224:00pmFreestyle Level 2Semi-Final2
234:10pmFreestyle Level 3Semi-Final2
4:20pm🥧🥗 DINNER BREAK 🍦☕️
6:25pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
256:30pmPartner Blind IntFinal1
266:36pmPartner Blind AdvFinal1
6:42pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
276:49pmMashup Int 2-4Final1
286:55pmMashup Adv 5-8Final1
7:01pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
297:08pmBig MovesFinal1
7:14pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
307:21pmDWAS Level 1Final1
317:27pmDWAS Level 2Final1
327:33pmDWAS Level 3Final1
337:39pmDWAS Level 4Final1
7:46pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
347:53pmFreestyle Level 1Final1
357:59pmFreestyle Level 2Final1
368:05pmFreestyle Level 3Final1
8:15pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
378:22pmFreestyle Level 4Final1
8:50pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
9:20pm🏆 Prize Giving 🏆
9:50pm🔥 2 hour dance party 🔥
9:30amDoors Open
10:00amJudges Briefing
10:10am📣 Competitor Briefing 📣
10:20am💃 Social Dancing 🕺
3810:30amBreak The Dial Int 2-4Heats3
10:45am💃 Social Dancing 🕺
3910:57amLucky Dip Tuakana-Teina FollowHeats3
4011:15amLucky Dip Tuakana-Teina LeadHeats3
4111:33amLucky Dip Ngā TeinaHeats3
11:51am💃 Social Dancing 🕺
4212:03pmSteals Int 3-6Heats2
4312:13pmSteals Adv 7-12Heats2
12:23pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
4412:35pmLucky Dip Tuakana-Teina FollowSemi-Final2
4512:45pmLucky Dip Tuakana-Teina LeadSemi-Final2
4612:55pmLucky Dip Ngā TeinaSemi-Final2
1:05pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
471:17pmBreak The Dial Int 2-4Semi-Final2
481:27pmBreak The Dial Adv 5-8Heats2
1:37pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
491:49pmFreestyle 55+Final1
501:54pmSteals Int 3-6Final1
512:00pmSteals Adv 7-12Final1
2:06pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
522:13pmFreestyle 40+ Int 2-4Final1
532:19pmFreestyle 40+ Adv 5-8Final1
2:25pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
542:32pmLucky Dip Tuakana-Teina FollowFinal1
552:37pmLucky Dip Tuakana-Teina LeadFinal1
562:42pmLucky Dip Ngā TeinaFinal1
2:47pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
572:54pmBreak The Dial Int 2-4Final1
583:00pmBreak The Dial Adv 5-8Final1
3:06pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
3:19pm🏆 Prize Giving 🏆
593:44pmHarry Dillon Mclean TrophyFinal1
3:50pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
5:00pm~ The End ~ ✈