Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
My Champs
Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
Running Order


7:15pmDoors Open
7:30pm✨ Party Starts ✨
8:15amDoors Open
9:00amJudges Briefing
9:10am📣 Competitor Briefing 📣
29:30amDWAS Level 2Heats5
39:55amDWAS Level 4Heats2
410:05amDWAS Level 1Heats5
10:30am💃 Social Dancing 🕺
510:40amFreestyle Level 2Heats5
610:57amFreestyle Level 4Heats2
711:05amFreestyle Level 1Heats3
11:16am💃 Social Dancing 🕺
811:26amLucky Dip Ngā TeinaHeats5
911:43amLucky Dip Tuakana-Teina LeadHeats3
1011:54amLucky Dip Tuakana-Teina FollowHeats2
12:01pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
1112:11pmDWAS Level 4Repechage1
1212:15pmMashup Int 2-5Heats6
1312:42pmFreestyle Level 4Repechage1
12:46pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
1412:56pmDWAS Level 1Repechage2
151:05pmDWAS Level 2Repechage2
161:14pmDWAS Level 3Heats3
1:28pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
171:38pmFreestyle Level 2Repechage2
181:45pmFreestyle Level 3Heats2
1:52pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
192:02pmLucky Dip Ngā TeinaRepechage2
202:10pmLucky Dip Tuakana-Teina LeadRepechage2
212:18pmMashup Int 2-5Repechage3
2:33pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
222:43pmDWAS Level 1Quarter-Final4
233:03pmDWAS Level 2Quarter-Final4
243:21pmDWAS Level 3Repechage1
3:25pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
253:35pmFreestyle Level 1Repechage2
263:42pmFreestyle Level 2Quarter-Final4
273:56pmFreestyle Level 3Repechage1
4:00pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
284:10pmLucky Dip Ngā TeinaQuarter-Final4
294:24pmLucky Dip Tuakana-Teina LeadSemi-Final2
304:31pmLucky Dip Tuakana-Teina FollowRepechage1
314:34pmMashup Int 2-5Quarter-Final4
4:52pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
325:01pmDWAS Level 1Semi-Final2
335:11pmDWAS Level 2Semi-Final2
345:20pmDWAS Level 3Semi-Final2
5:29pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
355:39pmFreestyle Level 1Semi-Final2
365:46pmFreestyle Level 2Semi-Final2
375:53pmFreestyle Level 3Semi-Final2
6:00pm🥧🥗 DINNER BREAK 🍦☕️
6:00pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
387:35pmLucky Dip Ngā TeinaSemi-Final2
397:42pmMashup Int 2-5Semi-Final2
7:51pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
408:01pmLucky Dip Ngā TeinaFinal1
418:06pmLucky Dip Tuakana-Teina LeadFinal1
428:11pmLucky Dip Tuakana-Teina FollowFinal1
8:16pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
438:25pmMashup Int 2-5Final1
448:30pmMashup Adv 6-8Final1
8:40pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
458:52pmDWAS Level 1Final1
468:58pmDWAS Level 2Final1
479:03pmDWAS Level 3Final1
489:09pmDWAS Level 4Final1
9:14pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
499:26pmFreestyle Level 1Final1
509:31pmFreestyle Level 2Final1
519:35pmFreestyle Level 3Final1
529:44pmFreestyle Level 4Final1
10:12pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
10:25pm🏆 Prize Giving 🏆
10:50pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
9:30amDoors Open
10:05amJudges Briefing
10:15am📣 Competitor Briefing 📣
5310:30amBreak The Dial Int 2-5Heats5
5410:55amMasters Lucky DipHeats3
11:07am💃 Social Dancing 🕺
5511:17amFollows BlindHeats6
11:47am💃 Social Dancing 🕺
5611:57amBig MovesPractice1
5712:01pmSteals Int 3-7Heats3
5812:16pmBreak The Dial Int 2-5Repechage2
5912:26pmFollows BlindRepechage2
12:36pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
6012:48pmBreak The Dial Int 2-5Quarter-Final4
611:08pmMasters Lucky DipRepechage1
621:12pmFollows BlindQuarter-Final4
1:32pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
631:42pmSteals Int 3-7Repechage2
641:52pmBreak The Dial Int 2-5Semi-Final2
652:02pmMasters Lucky DipSemi-Final2
662:10pmFollows BlindSemi-Final2
2:20pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
672:30pmBig MovesFinal1
682:35pmSteals Int 3-7Final1
692:40pmSteals Adv 8-12Final1
2:45pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
702:53pmMasters Lucky DipFinal1
712:58pmFollows BlindFinal1
723:03pmFreestyle 55+Final1
3:09pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
733:17pmFreestyle 40+ Int 2-5Final1
743:23pmFreestyle 40+ Adv 6-8Final1
753:29pmBreak The Dial Int 2-5Final1
763:36pmBreak The Dial Adv 6-8Heats2
773:36pmBreak The Dial Adv 6-8Final1
3:43pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
3:55pm🏆 Prize Giving 🏆
4:15pm💃 Social Dancing 🕺
5:00pm~ The End ~ ✈
Online Recall

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