The Venue Manager is responsible for the successful running of each night. We interact with the dancers and crew to ensure everyone is having a great time in a safe environment.

We pride ourselves on presenting an activity for the community that draws on the fantastic benefits that social partner dancing provides.

We're your host for the night - it's like you're visiting our house - our house is your house!

Classes and Social Events

Fevah Modern Jive classes and events are renowned for being welcoming and well organised and we're here to backup that reputation.

Arrive at least 15 mins before class starts and stay until the last non-crew person leaves.

Interested in joining the crew?

To be part of the crew you need to have the right stuff! You and the DoFI are very much the hosts of the night and so we're looking for people who are friendly and approachable.

Personal Qualities

  • You're a people person able to communicate with people from all walks of life
  • A good listener capable of making calm and considered decisions
  • You're passionate about community and social well-being


  • Connect with dancers, welcoming new dancers and acknowledging the regulars.
  • Check that crew have everything they need for the night.
  • Be familiar with the website and Web App so you can tell crew and dancers where to find stuff.
  • Be aware of what's happening at other Fevah classes and events (ideally by attending once in a while so you don't get out of touch)
  • Deal with incidents, suggestions, complaints etc. and filing a report if needed.
  • Handle fire and earthquake procedures and events e.g. knowing where assembly points are.
  • Please do not use your phone in the main hall.


The Venue Manager is a paid role with training provided by Fevah Modern Jive.