We try to spread the love a bit by getting lots of people involved. For some, it's a way to give back to a dance community that has helped them in whatever way, for others, it's way to earn some experience with a well run organisation that can help when applying for full-time or part-time employment elsewhere.

We've put these guidelines in place so everyone knows what each other's expectations are and to promote clear and consistent communication.

Ways to get involved


Some crew are contractors where they chose when they are available via our crew roster. They provide an invoice in order to receive payment, or can be paid in credits. Contractors are expected to find cover if they are unable to work.

Volunteer with free entry

Other crew are volunteers where they get free entry for the night and a credit if applicable depending on the role.


We have a couple of generous souls who help out behind the scenes often late into the night or providing food unknown to everyone else yet who still insist on paying for the class or event where they're helping.


Vacancies are advertised at class, in the newsletter, on our Facebook groups and sometimes here.

Often vacancies are filled before we announce them because suitable people have approached us weeks or months beforehand stating their interest in a particular role. If you think that you could perform a particular role well and have something to offer then feel free to come and have a chat.

All Roles


The following apply to all roles:

Personal Skills and Attributes

We like to have a team who get on together and work towards a common aim, so for all roles:

  • You are passionate about being of service to others.
  • Reliable and dependable, proactive and not reactive
  • You have consistent attention to detail and a 'can do' attitude.
  • You help others in other roles if needed.


Everyone who is part of our team can expect the following benefits:

  • Free entry on the night you are on duty.
  • Crew for one of the most vibrant dance clubs in New Zealand!
  • We can provide prospective employers with a reference.

Specific Roles