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Fun social dance classes

Being part of the crew for one of the most vibrant dance clubs in New Zealand is exciting, rewarding and supports our dance community.

  • We're always here to engage with our dancers
  • Our dance classes and events are a safe space (see DanceSafe)

If you are interested in being part of our crew on any night then feel free to come and have a chat.

Crew Roles
Venue Manager
The Venue Manager is responsible for the successful running of each night. We interact with the dancers and crew to ensure everyone is having a great time in a safe environment.
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We're here to teach, inspire, share, discuss and help you out. Often beginners mistake us for being scary but really we're very approachable and you can find us at class or at the various social events each month.
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DoIF = Director of First Impressions! So this role is definitely about setting the vibe of the night.
We see you every week and it's great getting to know the regular dancers and seeing you arrive each time. We greet dancers and take care of your class registration and help with any queries you may have.
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Being DJ is a rewarding role preparing music playlists for class nights and social events. A playlist is a carefully considered sequence of songs that takes into account: genre, tempo, mood and energy to keep the dance floor pumping all night long.
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Taxis are here for beginners, we welcome you and help new dancers with registering for the class. It's very much a fun and rewarding role.
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Setup / Packdown
Setup crew prepare the venue for the class / party / event. This involves turning up before everyone else and getting things ready.
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We have a number of volunteers who help setup and clear chairs for classes and events.
Helping with chairs earns rewards which can go towards free classes.
Skills Coach
Skill coaches help beginners with the Skills Check to transition them the next level.
They can do this by attending the Improvers Review or by having a dance in freestyle / social dancing and offering feedback by needed.
Skills Check