Being part of the crew for one of the most vibrant dance clubs in New Zealand is exciting, rewarding and supports our dance community. Crew get free entry on the night they are on duty plus other benefits depending on the role.

Opportunities to join the crew ar advertised at class, in the newsletter and on our Facebook groups. If you are interested in being part of our crew on any night then feel free to come and have a chat.

We're part of Fevah Modern Jive

"Our passion is sharing the joy and benefits of dancing.
We want you to feel welcome & comfortable and have a great time."

Social Partner Dancing = We're about People!

  • We're always here to engage with our dancers
  • Our dance classes and events are a safe space (see DanceSafe).

We're part of a Team

  • Teamwork - we help others in other roles if needed
  • We're reliable, dependable, proactive and timely
  • We arrange cover if we're unable to work a particular slot on the crew roster