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Ultimate Musicality

Musicality is one of the best aspects of Modern Jive - we can dance to the widest range of music from slow to fast, latest chart hits to retro, rock to acoustic, and even 6/8 (Waltz) time signature music!

Musicality is sometimes known as dancing outside the moves and allows us to interact/play with various aspects and properties of a song such as:

  • Basic Timing
  • Genre, Mood, Melody, Lyrics
  • Phrasing, Breaks and highlights
  • Bridges / middle 8's

We can group all these aspects into one and simply say "The music made me do it" to explain why we might dance to a particular song in a particular way.

The Music Made Me Do It - Part 2. Ultimate Musicality

In this workshop we build from Part 1. and look at more advanced aspects of musicality such as:

  • Song Structure
  • Highlights
  • Breaks
  • Bridges

In the workshop we explain a bit more about phrasing and song structure. We'll look at identifying what a break is in the music and how to predict and 'hit' it, along with some ideas about what you can do when you do.

Most of the songs we play contain a 'bridge' which is a point in the music two-thirds to three-quarters of the way through where the song structure changes from what we might expect, this change gives us even more aspects of songs to play with.

Who Is This For?
  • Beginners who have been attending the improvers review (if you are unsure please speak to one of our teachers)
  • Intermediate dancers
  • Experienced dancers developing both roles (lead and follow)

Points to bear in mind:

  • You do not need a partner to book a place on this workshop as we aim to match up leads and follows.
  • You should attend Part 1 Essential Musicality before attending Part 2 Ultimate Musicality.