Remix Your Dancing

This is a great workshop about dancing to the sounds of a song and shaping your movements to match. Join Hazel and Thomas and learn some great tips to energise your dancing. 2 hour social dancing is included afterwards.

There'll be lots of practical suggestions that will be explained, demonstrated and then taught to help you engage with the music and your partner.

Your Instructors

Hazel is a much sought-after teacher on Modern Jive dance weekender circuit, fortunately for this workshop you do not need to travel any further than Avonhead! She has been dancing Modern Jive in Christchurch for nearly 15 years.

Thomas is one of our DJ's and Taxi dancer, he's also one of the top competitors in Modern Jive in New Zealand and Australia on account of his passion for expressing musicality through dancing.

Workshop Content

Identifying different musical aspects of a song such as,

  • Tempo
  • Speed changes
  • Low notes and high notes
  • Riffs and melodies
  • Instruments being introduced and removed
  • Silence and pauses
  • Pow moments (quick and fast hits)
  • RRRRoooowwwl moments - (long extensions - long note duration)

and things to do when we hear something in the music:

  • Posture changes
  • Feet
  • Step size and distance
  • Styling
  • Moves

Who Is This For?

This is for anyone who is serious about,

  • getting the most out of every song
  • having a great time on the dance floor
  • personal growth and development (if you're not growing you're decaying )
  • learning the secrets to being a great dance partner

Workshop Details