Learn the essential techniques for lifts. This workshop is a prerequisite for the Lifts workshop where we take the follower above the chest line of the leader.

Due to the nature of the content this workshop in non-rotational.

The workshop will be led by Deb and Matt who have competed and won the Aerials competition category on a number of occasions and recently came 2nd at the 2018 Ceroc Nationals Championships Open Category.

See Introductin To Lifts for Safety, Physical Preparation and Clothing Tips.

Workshop Content

This workshop will cover:

  • 4 bigger lifts with another full aerial
  • Safety advice for lifts
  • Essential technique

Lifts are for performance and competition dancing only and are not to be used on the social dance floor.

Who Can Attend?

Attendees need to be in good physical condition to be able to learn these moves safely. There are also some prerequisites:

  • You must have attended the Introduction to Lifts workshop
  • You need to book with a partner (fixed couples only)