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Judges' Intensive

Presented by Zoe Klomp

Open to all dancers who are interested in this topic, you do need to be interested in judging 🙂

  • What do judges do?
  • How are their scores interpreted?
  • What are the criteria?
  • What underpins Modern Jive as a dance style?

The answers to these questions and more will be covered on the intensive.

This is a landmark workshop and development opportunity not seen before. To mark this special occasion we offering the intensive at a significant discount.


As judges, we have an incredible impact on not only the competitors' experience of the day, but the way the dance develops. This intensive is designed to give our Judges an opportunity for Professional Development to increase their skills, but also for competitors to have a better understanding of how the judging process works.

This event will require Judges to not only be able to judge up to 12 couples on the floor, but to judge across an entire round of 30+ dancers. To do this requires a solid judging process and notation system. Many judges attending this intensive will already have built systems and processes for judging, so this provides us an opportunity to discuss those and learn from each other.

Two Streams

There is more interest in this topic from dancers who have never judged before or have only shadow judged. At the same time there are plenty of judges, some with over 10 years experience, who will be attending as this will be the first formal training for any Modern Jive judge in New Zealand.

The meet the needs of each group we are running two streams:

  • Judge Stream is for judges whose scores have contributed to competitors' final placings
  • Observer Stream is for anyone else who is keen to expand their knowledge of what's involved behind the scenes.

The Judges' Intensive would normally be priced at $90 for the amount of content and value on offer. For Refresh 2021 the cost of the intensive is:

  • Free for Refresh Judges
  • $60 for the Judge Stream
  • $45 for the Observer Stream

In the four weeks preceding the weekend, content will be shared via two private facebook groups (one for judges and one for observers) for you to read and discuss. There will also be short exercises (no more than 5 mins worth) for you to engage with - but this is not required.

These conclude with the 1.5hr intensive, which will also be offered the weekend beforehand via a video call, or the Friday afternoon of the event, before the dance party. Here we will discuss the following topics:

  • The ethics of judging
  • Judging Criteria - what do they mean?
  • Scoring and the scrutineering process
  • Judging and notation systems

What we hope you will achieve is an opportunity to take a skill that we do mostly subconsciously, and bring it forward to the conscious mind - to consider and evaluate how and why we judge.

About Zoe

Zoe is an experienced dancer and teacher with over 14 years experience in Modern Jive (MJ) and West Coast Swing (WCS). She spent time in Europe attending MJ and WCS events and workshops and gaining knowledge and experience about judging.

She has a degree in education and is passionate about helping people develop their skills. Her practical approach has broadened to providing feedback through videos that dancers have submitted to her for analysis.

Zoe is a well respected member of the dance community and is currently based in Christchurch.