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Winter Weekender

2020 Winter Weekender

Hello Everyone,

It's almost time! We have been looking forward to this weekend since last year. The first dance event of post-lockdown is on its way!

This email is to confirm your registration for the Winter Weekender 2020. Brought to you by the OMJ crew!

Doors open at 9am and you have an All Day Pass to attend everything on Saturday:

  • 9:30am - 10:30am Workshop 1 - Happy Feet
  • 10:45 - 12:15pm Coaching Session
  • 12:30pm - 1:30pm Workshop 2 - Music Is Like Onions

Lunch Break

  • 2:30pm - 3:30pm Workshop 3 - Flowmentum 2 The Reckoning
  • 3:45pm - 4:45pm Workshop 4 - Intentional Movement

Dinner Break

  • 8pm - 8:30pm Tag Team Class
  • 8:30pm - 1am Dance Party

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on Facebook or reply to this email.

See you this weekend!!!!!


Facebook Event

Friday Dinner & Social

Friday dinner is back at Lonestar Riccarton. They are allowing us to take over a whole section of the restaurant and will be prepping a little space for us to have a dance floor! We would suggest not bringing your dance shoes however and to wear some dance capable street shoes. Last year the floor was more on the sticky side - so remember to be conscious of your partner and make sure your dance is safe for the movement restrictions.

Reminder that Friday is pay as you go. Cash bar available - ID required.

Saturday Lunch

Pita Pit have kindly agreed to come back on Saturday to take the stress out of food hunting during the lunch break. Preorders have closed for lunch, however if there is still time after the preorders are collected, you are welcome to purchase something from them. Payment will be via eftpos or bank transfer on the day (bank transfer will require a screenshot for proof of purchase).

The Palms mall, Subway and a few other shops are a short drive away if you need to grab lunch from elsewhere.

Water @ C3 Centre

We no longer bring cups into the C3 Centre so please remember to bring your own (named) drink bottle to the venue. There will be a place for you to refill when required.

Saturday Dance Party

Saturday is full of so many awesome opportunities to dance. The party will be no exception! Tunes by DJ Reign of Steel (James) and DJ Sturmanator (Thomas) and a beginner friendly class at the beginning of the night. It's gonna be great! Class from 8pm - 8.30pm and freestyle from 8.30pm - 1.00am!!

One on One Coaching

You may have seen mentioned on the Facebook event that we are offering 10-minute timeslots with our coaches during the party. All Coaching Session attendees are eligible for a 10-minute session where they can get clarity over any feedback that was given earlier in day. There are a limited number of slots with each coach, therefore, slots will be allocated via a random draw. Place your name in two of the four containers at the front desk and check the timesheets on your way to dinner to see if/when you have a spot.

These slots are intended to develop a piece of feedback that has already been given to you. Please turn up to your time ready to go as we will be sticking to a tight schedule to allow more dancing time for everyone.


At 10.30pm, during the Saturday dance party, we will have a fun little demo for you. Our coaches and teachers will be participating in a Music Mash-Up spotlight with a twist: 1 x partner, 3 x 30 second songs, 100 x the entertainment!

Mt Hutt Snow Fun

The numbers for travelling up to the mountain are on the smaller side this year. Mt Hutt has a sale online for 10% off their passes and so it is up to each individual to purchase their passes. Shuttles are also available if your car is not suitable to make it up to Guest Services.

If you would like the website links to book your pass or shuttle, please let Courtenay know.

There is a Facebook group chat of those who are keen on travelling to the ski fields. If you would like to be added to this so that you can meet up with friends during the day, please contact Courtenay.

Christchurch Food & Fun Tour

For those of us staying in Christchurch, we will be hosting some activities in town. You can come to all or some of them - the choice is yours.

We will be meeting at Little High Eatery at 11.30am for an extremely late breakfast/lunch and will then make way to Zone Bowling, an entertainment centre with Ten Pin Bowling, Laser Strike, Arcade Games and of course, a café and bar.

Registering for this part of the weekend is recommended but not essential. If you decide that you want to join us - send Courtenay a message on Facebook and she will be able to tell you where the group is.

Sunday Dinner

We have a booking at Fox and Ferret Riccarton for dinner on Sunday. Registration for this has closed, however dropping by for a drink and catch up before leaving for the airport or just saying hi is definitely welcome.

Dinner starts at 5.30pm.

14 Apr 2021 10:35:26