OMJ Winter Weekender

To register for the weekend you'll need to sign in or create an account with us.

You'll have an account with us if you:

  • have attended any Fevah Modern Jive class.
  • previously attended OMJWW.
  • previously attended Christchurch Champs.
  • are registered on the Modern Jive Points Index.

New to Fevah, OMJWW, Champs or MJPI

Pricing and Pass Discounts Available


You can change your registration up until Wednesday 18th of July. There's no checkout button - each selection is saved as it's made and the price is updated accordingly. You can also keep track of what's owing and any payments we've processed.

You can make payments at a frequency that suits you so there's no 'Check Out' button. Please ensure that you're fully paid up by the end of Wednesday 18th of July.

For the Fox and Ferret you pay on the night.