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Modern Jive Points Index


Your starting level is based on performance, therefore the following do not affect your level:

  • How long you have been dancing.
  • Whether you currently teach or have taught Modern Jive.

If you feel you should be at a different level based on the descriptions below then you can add a comment when you come to join up.

What Level Am I?

There will be an appropriate starting point for each dancer when they first join the Points Index.

If you've never competed before then that's easy - you're Level 1, otherwise if you have competed in New Zealand or Australia then choose your level based on:

  • Your highest level of competing in Freestyle and DWAS competitions to date.
  • Where categories were not a straight final, AND,
  • You were dancing at your own level (i.e. you were not dancing up because of your partner.)


  • a) I have never competed before.
  • b) I have competed as a Newcomer.
  • c) I have competed at Int B but not made it into semi-finals.


  • d) Intermediate B - I have progressed through to Int B semi-final / final.
  • e) Intermediate B - I have placed in an Int B final.
  • f) Intermediate A - I have not been in an Int A final.


  • g) Intermediate A - I have been in an Int A final.
  • h) Intermediate A - I have placed in Int A.
  • i) Advanced B
  • j) Advanced A - I have never progressed through a round in Adv A.


  • k) Advanced A - I have progressed through at least one round in Adv A.
  • l) Champions