If you enter a competition not affiliated with the MJPI you can ask to have placing points count towards moving up.

You may also apply to have entry points added (this will be the "finals-no placing" score for a straight final of one category) by contacting us with details of the competition and what you entered.

You cannot receive progression points for non-affiliated competitions.

Tier 1 Categories

Freestyle, DWAS

3rd Place25
2nd Place30
1st Place40

Tier 1 placing points from non-affiliated competitions do not automatically count towards moving up to Level 3 and Level 4. Feel free to contact us if you would like them counted.

Tier 2 Categories

Age Based (40+, etc), Aerials/Open, Music Mashup

3rd Place13
2nd Place15
1st Place20

Tier 3 Categories

Other categories including Teams and Showcases

3rd Place8
2nd Place9
1st Place12


Orange= Entry points only
Persimmon= Entry points + Placing points