Elevation to the next level is based on performance at competitions for each role (lead / follow) rather length of time dancing.

Levels 1 & 2 represent the newer and intermediate social dancers / competitors. A competitor can move up to Level 2 just by earning enough Basic Points.

Since you get points each time you enter a competition it would be possible to elevate to Levels 3 & 4 without ever progressing nor placing in any category.

To maintain the higher standard of Levels 3 & 4, a competitor may need to have a certain number of Qualifying Placing Points in order to move up to the next level.

Qualifying Placing Points

Earned from a Tier 1 cateogry (i.e. DWAS or Freestyle) at an affiliated competition.

Only Affiliated competitions have qualifying placing points.

LevelBasic PointsQualifying Placing Points
10 - 59 -
260 - 249 -
3250 - 49925 (earned while in Level 2)
4500 and over50 (earned while in Level 3)

Lead and Follow Points

Each points entry has an associated Lead Quotient (LQ) to specify what proportion of the points are for leading with the remainder being for following.

When it comes to elevating to the next level, you elevate independently for leading and for following.

The lead quotient of the highest points path will determine how the points are split between lead and follow.

After Elevating

After elevating the points score will reset to the base points of that new level for the next competition. e.g. If you are at Level 1 and score 75 points at a competition, you will start the next competition as Level 2 with a point score of 60.