A scoring system is the actual software (or other means) that helps process judges' ranks or scores and produces marshalling information and final results.

A scoring system implements a ranking algorithm such as Relative Placement or the Schulze Method to work out overall placings from preliminary rounds and finals.

MJPI competitions use a custom scoring system that outputs all the necessary data to award the correct points to competitors such as progression and entry points. The scorings also has the following features:

  • Marshalling / recall sheets
  • Barcoded judging sheets listing competitor's name and number
  • Optimised data entry for rapid processing of results
  • Can be used for non-MJPI competitions.


  • Computer running Windows 7 or later
  • At least 2 spare USB ports for barcode scanner and USB backup
  • Fast reliable printer
  • External USB backup drive
  • Optional barcode scanner (for identifying judges sheets for rapid data entry)
  • Barcode font