Modern Jive Points Index
Scores & Rankings

The points below can help interpreting and discussing your scores / rankings.

Searching Together
The word "competition" comes from the Latin con petire which means "to search together". Competitions are about helping each other grow and develop in a specific environment.
Competitions help to bring out the best in each other's dancing, so while you may not have gone through nor placed, you may still have danced to the best of your ability and furthermore helped others push themselves.
Judging Limitations
Judges cannot watch all competitors simultaneously for the entire duration of the song. A judge might see one competitor's best 20 seconds while they might see your worst 20 seconds. If you aren't happy with your rankings then ask yourself: "was my worst 20 seconds better than everyone else's best 20 seconds?" - consistency is the key.
The judges have to rank everyone in order with no ties even if the competitors are pretty much the same. If the judges' rankings are all very different then it usually means that the competition was very close and therefore hard to judge.
Rejoice In The Success of Others
Remember, the majority of competitors neither place nor reach the finals but still manage to have a good time.
If you didn't get through or place it just means you weren't as good as other competitors in the eyes of a majority of the judges on that day dancing to a particular song to the given criteria. It doesn't mean you are a bad dancer, instead be happy for the success of others and graciously acknowledge that they were more successful than you on the day.
Look For The Positives
The reason why we've made rankings accessible is that we noticed there were instances where some competitors had been ranked highly by a judge or two but had not gone through to the next round or placed in the final. We just thought that it would be nice to know from a competitor's point of view that at least one or two of the judges thought they were awesome!
If all the judges preferred the other competitors then consider the opinion of the most important person in the room - your partner - if you turned up, had some fun and made your partner smile, then the day has been a success.
Get Feedback
To help improve your competition performance it can be useful to go over any video of your dancing with a teacher or judge and discuss areas for improvement - even the top dancers do this, indeed this is why they are the top dancers! Your friends may just say your were awesome and not be able to give you the pointers you need. Get feedback, seek to improve together.
MJPI Scoring System and Points
With the MJPI you get points for giving it a go and for any rounds you get through as opposed to only if you place.
We use the Schulze Method to calculate overall ranks. It is mathematically fairer than other popular ranking systems used at dance competitions (e.g. Skating System, Relative Placement, Borda Count).