Modern Jive Points Index

iDance Wellington Modern Jive Dance Championships 2022

10-11 Jun 2022

✔️ This competition is affiliated to the MJPI.

DWAS: Level 1Level 1Tier 1
DWAS: Level 2Level 2Tier 1
DWAS: Level 3Level 3Tier 1
DWAS: Level 4Level 4Tier 1
Freestyle: Level 1Level 1Tier 1
Freestyle: Level 2Level 2Tier 1
Freestyle: Level 3Level 3Tier 1
Freestyle: Level 4Level 4Tier 1
Freestyle: OpenAll LevelsTier 2
Fun: Battle of the SexesAll LevelsTier 3
Fun: X-FactorAll LevelsTier 3
Fun: Lucky DipAll LevelsTier 3
Fun: TriplesAll LevelsTier 3
Fun: Swaps & StealsAll LevelsTier 3
ShowcaseAll LevelsTier 3
Teams: Open (Levels 1-4)All LevelsTier 3
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