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We take great care to play music at our classes at the best possible quality taking into account the acoustics of the halls and speakers we use at each venue. Modern Jive can be danced to a wider range of music than any other dance style however this presents us with more of a challenge when it comes to playing music with the optimal equaliser (EQ) settings.

Modern Jive dancers do not like too much bass and instead like to hear a wide range of musical properties such as the melody and lyrics as well as the underlying beat or tempo. We understand this and so we classify our music in a such a way that we can automatically adjust the EQ for a wide range of musical genres.

Equaliser Settings

Acoustic songs have very different instrumentation compared to Rock music, if we used the same EQ settings for both the resulting sound would not be as pleasant. Our custom music playing software (written by Matt) not only adjusts the equaliser settings for the location but also for the genre of music currently playing.

Auto EQ

Volume Setting

Being a social dance environment, we still expect people to be able to hold a conversation. To achieve this we aim to play the music loud enough that most of the musical properties can be heard whilst at the same time not being too deafening. All our songs have been had their volumes normalised, furthermore we can manually adjust the volume of the sound files if need be.

Big Events

For large events we often place our speakers in four corners of the dance floor (quadraphonic configuration) to give excellent sound coverage for the competitors without blasting out the audience.

We consistently find that our champs has the best sound quality of any dance event where all too often professional DJ's fail to take in account room acoustics and the varying EQ requirements of different genres of music.