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Dancing in bare feet is not permitted. Bare foot dancing exposes the dancer to greater injury, splinters and infection.

We encourage everyone to wear some form of footwear to protect the feet. We recommend against open toe shoes when dancing.

Heels and Heel Caps

Narrow heels also inflict greater damage on people than broad heels and many of our venues have floors that are easily damaged by stiletto or narrow heels.

  • If your heels are smaller than a 20 cent piece then you MUST wear protective heel caps otherwise you risk being refused entry.
  • Safety note: narrow heels also tend to get caught in holes, gaps or other imperfections that maybe present in the floor. We are not responsible for the maintenance of the venues and so can only advise dancers of any possible circumstances that might impact on your experience.
  • We have a range of heel caps available for purchase. Please ask at the front desk.

Side note from Deb - personal story "After going through many many pairs of stockings and getting small bumps to my toes in open toe shoes I decided Modern Jive was best danced in closed toe shoes."

Dance Shoes

Having appropriate footwear can make all the difference and most people wait too long before investing in a pair of dance shoes. You can get dance shoes from:

  • Stage Door Dance & Street Wear: 5 New Regent St, Christchurch Central
  • Paul Wright Dancewear: 351 Colombo St, Christchurch Central

Advantages to wearing dance shoes:

  • Easier to turn and spin
  • Allow feet to breathe
  • Better support
Long Term Benefits

Basically, if you're engaged in a particular sport or activity it's usually advisable to get the right equipment regardless of your ability. Getting good shoes means you can't blame them.

Dancing = good health in so many ways. You're looking after yourself by dancing, so take the extra step and get some dance shoes - it's definitely worth it.

Be prepared to spend around $80 - $150, could be more could be less.

Put a couple of dollars aside each time you come dancing (e.g. gold coin in a tin / jar) and save towards a pair of shoes.