Great communities thrive on the contributions of it's members so we want to reward you for the contribution you make to our community. Reward Points became active from 11 February 2019.

ContributionReward Points
Anyone who brings someone new with them to class 20 points
Fevah Fanatics (20 classes+) who join class before 7:40pm 10 points
Fevah Fanatics (20 classes+) who attend class from 4 to 7 times in one calendar month 20 points
Fevah Fanatics (20 classes+) who attend class 8 or more times in one calendar month 50 points
Anyone rostered to setup chairs before class, or clear away chairs after class 20 points
Anyone registered to help with a dance demonstration Dependent on event


100 points = 1 credit

So a credit means a free class, or free monthly party, or two free entries for freestyle, or two free tea dances. Accumulate credits to earn workshops.

Keep watch for other Fevah products available with points.

Bringing Someone New to Class

Joining the class before 7:40pm

Attending 4 or more times In a month

Helping setup or clear Away chairs

Dance Demonstration

Please note the following terms for Reward Points:

  • Reward Points are not transferable
  • Reward Points may not be redeemed for cash
  • Unused Reward Points expire after 1 year
  • Dancers need to have one of our barcodes
  • Dancers need to be current i.e. not unsubscribed.