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Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most efficient way to improve your dancing in as short a time as possible. Most of our teachers are available for private tuition either before our group classes or at a time convenient for you.

Reasons why people book private lessons include:

  • Improve technique and styling.
  • Learn new moves.
  • Fast track to intermediate level.
  • Fast track to advanced level.
  • Work on flashy moves such as dips, drops and lifts.
  • Improve timing and musicality.
  • Competition preparation.
  • Wedding dance preparation.
  • Boost confidence.

The cost can depend on the content of the lesson. Here is a guideline of the price range:

Standard Rate for 1 - 2 people

  • $45 per half hour.

Regular Dancer Rate for 1 - 2 people

(You must have attended at least 10 group classes within the previous 6 months of booking the private lesson)

  • $40 for 1/2 an hour with one teacher, $70 with two teachers.
  • $70 for 1 hour with one teacher, $120 with two teachers.

Please contact us or a teacher for rates for more than 2 people.

How to book
Contact a teacher
Have a look at our teachers
Fevah Teachers
Explain what you would like to cover
Make sure you have a clear picture of what you would like to cover in your private lesson.
This will ensure that you get the most out of the lesson and do not spend unnecessary time deciding what to do. If you like, Have a dance with an instructor during freestyle periods and ask which areas you can improve on.