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Fevah Modern Jive

Freestyle is where we put the music on and you dance with whomever you like using whichever moves you and your partner feel comfortable with. It's all about making it up as you go along so there's no complicated routine to remember. It's heaps of fun, spontaneous and exciting. It's also a great way to stay in shape as you are exercising your whole body not just isolating certain areas.

Freestyle is a great way to meet other people and dance with people more or less experienced than yourself. We play a great variety of music: blues, pop, rock, latin, jazz, oldies, 80's, even the odd classical track! We believe you will not hear a wider range of music anywhere else in one evening.

Our parties begin with a quick ice-breaker class and then it's freestyle for the rest of the evening. Dancers often feel they improve significantly after attending a party or other social event.

Asking someone to dance

We're all here to dance so there's no need to hold back.

Men ask women and women ask men. Whether it's your first time or hundredth, go up to someone, introduce yourself, and ask him or her to dance. A big smile always helps too :)

Choosing Moves

If you're new, just say to your partner that you've only come a couple of times and he or she can dance moves according to your level. Guys - there's no harm repeating moves - the ladies are happy that we've turned up!

Experienced dancers, especially the guys, should always find out the ability of their partner so they can dance moves at the appropriate level. Freestyling a few beginner moves is often enough to gauge someone else's level.

Asking for a second dance

Quite often the second dance goes better than the first. If someone has asked you for a dance then why not ask them for another?