Nearly everyone who starts with us has NEVER danced before. Modern Jive is the least intimidating partner dance style to learn first and you'll be amazed what you can accomplish in just one lesson.

"But I've got two left feet, I can't dance!" Great! That's the whole point - we'll fix that and what's more we'll make it fun and not scary!

When to Start
Start anytime and on any day of the week that we run classes. We don't run terms or courses, any week is a good week to start. We get new people starting each week.
No need to book or phone ahead - just turn up.
Check our home page before you come - occasional venue changes occur when a school needs the use of their hall.
Do I need a partner?
You don't need a partner but if you have one then great so come on your own or with a friend.
We rotate partners during the class which allows people to progress much faster than they would if they stayed with the same partner where people end up compensating for each others mistakes.
What do I wear to class?
Whatever you feel comfortable in: street, office, smart, casual - it's all good. You will get warm so wear something cool or have a layer you can take off.
Wear comfortable shoes, preferably with a leather sole. Flat soled shoes are better than gym shoes, definitely no stilettos and no bare feet!
What if I struggle?
We have dedicated helpers called taxi dancers who are here for the new dancers.
There are no mistakes - only variations. Smile when it goes right - laugh when it goes wrong!
Give it 3 goes!
Too often in life people give up just before they're about to succeed. At least give the classes 3 goes because:
  • 1st time: you're not alone - for most people, this is their first ever dance class.
  • 2nd time: you're now an expert compared to anyone on their first night.
  • 3rd time: "Wow it is really starting to click - I think I'm addicted!"
Which role do I do?
Traditionally the lead role is performed by men and the follow role is performed by women. We only stick to this tradition in our group classes.
Outside of the group classes anyone can lead or follow, indeed, learning both roles makes people better dancers overall.
How many people and what age of people go along?
Quite a few! Anywhere between 40 and 120 depending on the night and time of year, so there's quite a buzz to the classes. Everyone's very friendly, it's heaps of fun and easy to learn (and the music's great too!)
We have dancers in their teens through to their seventies. Check out our classes page for specific information on each night.

Format of a Typical Night for New Dancers

7:15pm Doors open
Aim to arrive before 7:25pm
7:25pm Beginner Class
We start with a gentle warm-up. Then we get you to partner up. We will teach you one 'move' at a time, putting music on for you to practice.
Learn 3 moves, you'll be dancing within 40 minutes!
Often some experienced dancers attend the beginners classes, this really helps to bring on the new people.
8.15pm Freestyle / Social Dancing
Time to practice, dance, watch
Freestyle is dancing 'off the cuff'. Once leaders have built up a repertoire of moves they then practice changing the order as they lead.
Followers: say to your partner that you've only come a couple of times so they can lead moves according to your level.
Leaders: there's no harm repeating moves, also mention that you're new, the follows are often happy that you've turned up!
8.30pm Beginner Review
Ask questions, get one to one help with any of the material we covered in the class
9.00pm More Social Dancing
Time to practice, dance, watch. Quite a few first timers are pretty tired by this time and often head home. After a few classes you'll be able to last the whole night and get full benefit from a night's dancing.

Cost and our New Dancer Deal

Your entrance fee covers you for the whole night, not just for the class.

  • $15 for the whole evening (EFTPOS available).
  • $11 for full time students, Community Service card & SuperGold card holders.

6 for 3 Deal - 6 classes for the price of 3

Save 50% when you pay up front for 3 classes to get 6 credits.

  • Available to new dancers on their first night
  • Can be used at classes and social events
  • Credits are valid for 6 months and are not transferable

And Finally...

We're not saying it's going to be easy but it is achievable and surprisingly fun.

Social partner dancing is quite different from how dancing is generally portrayed on TV. Here, there are no judges, no audience - just other likeminded people just looking to participate in something that's so fundamentally human and enjoyable.