Nearly everyone who starts with us has NEVER danced before. Modern Jive is the least intimidating partner dance style to learn first and you'll be amazed what you can accomplish in just one lesson.

"But I've got two left feet, I can't dance!" Great! That's the whole point - we'll fix that and what's more we'll make it fun and not scary!

We're not saying it's going to be easy but it is achievable and surprisingly fun.

Social partner dancing is quite different from how dancing is generally portrayed on TV. Here, there are no judges, no audience - just other likeminded people just looking to participate in something that's so fundamentally human and enjoyable.

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

When to Start
Start anytime! We don't run terms or courses, any week is a good week to start. We get new people starting each week.
Aim to arrive around 7:15pm.
Check our home page before you come - occasional venue changes occur when a school needs the use of their hall.
Do I need a partner?
You don't need a partner but if you have one then great - come on your own or with a friend.
What do I wear?
Wear whatever clothing you feel comfortable in: street, office, smart, casual - it's all good. Flat soled shoes are better than gym shoes, definitely no stilettos and no bare feet!
What if I struggle?
We have dedicated helpers called taxi dancers who are here for the new dancers.
There are no mistakes - only variations. Smile when it goes right - laugh when it goes wrong!
Give it 3 goes!
Too often in life people give up just before they're about to succeed. At least give the classes 3 goes because:
  • 1st time: you're not alone - for most people, this is their first ever dance class.
  • 2nd time: you're now an expert compared to anyone on their first night.
  • 3rd time: "Wow it is really starting to click - I think I'm addicted!"