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Update: 31 August 2020
Update: 31 August 2020

Class bookings are currently not required as we're unlikely to have more than 100 people at Level 2. However, we will monitor the number of people who arrive to ensure we do not reach 100.

Visitors from Auckland are not allowed to attend classes as they still need to observe their maximum group size of 10 under Level 2.5.

If you have been to Auckland in the last 2 weeks please do not attend classes.

Level 2 will remain in place until at least Sunday 6 September 2020.

Update: 17 August 2020
  • We're following the government's guidelines for Level 2 - group sizes for gatherings / public events / sports have a limit of 100 with physical distancing between groups of 100 being greater than 2 metres
  • From Sport New Zealand: play, active recreation and sport (including contact sport) can resume under level 2 but restrictions apply
  • Stay home if you feel unwell or if you have been to Auckland in the last two weeks
  • Check back here regularly for any updates as the situation can change daily
  • Masks are not required but they can reduce the spread of germs
  • Everyone attending must ensure we have uptodate contact details for contact tracing
  • If Level 2 restrictions become tighter or if we move to Level 3 then classes will likely be cancelled until restrictions ease
  • Since 1 Jun we have been contact tracing at all classes and events
60's Dance Party, 22 Aug

Parties regularly get over 100 people, therefore:

  • You can book to guarantee attendance
  • We will ensure that the total number of people attending is less than 100
  • When you book you pay for the whole night regardless of when you arrive
  • Bookings from Monday evening 17 August
Lockdown 15 Mar - 30 May 2020