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COVID-19 Updates
Vaccine Pass Required
1st of December

All attendees need to be fully vaccinated by showing their:

  • Purple vaccination card
  • My Covid Record
  • A vaccination confirmation letter
  • My Vaccine Pass
Phone Pass
3rd of December

All attendees need to be fully vaccinated by showing their:

  • My Vaccine Pass

Please note that the My Vaccine Pass is legally required and is the only form of proof that we are allowed to accept.

Masks are not compulsory but are highly recommended.

My Vaccine Pass

You'll need to show your pass once for verification. We'll make a note of the expiry date so you won't need to show us each time 🙂. Follow the link below for more information about the Vaccine Pass.

Not Vaccinated?

We appreciate that the decisions around vaccination can be complex, maybe there will be a time when we can all dance again with fewer restrictions.

"It's not forever. We'll see you back one day."

Keep safe 🙂

28 November

This week sees some big changes with who may attend dance classes and events.

The new COVID Protection Framework (traffics lights) comes into effect on the 3rd of December. As a close contact activity, social partner dancing will require that all attendees will need to have a My Vaccine Pass. This is a legal requirement otherwise we simply cannot run classes.

Many dancers have been staying away from classes while there are a few unvaccinated people around. This was a key driver for Fevah to ask that all attendees be fully vaccinated from the 1st of December. We look forward to welcoming back many dancers while at the same time it will be sad to say goodbye to a few. We hope one day everyone will be able to dance together again.

15 November

We've had great support for requiring proof of double vaccination that we announced at class last week (see 9 November update below). We realise that the official government vaccination certificates are not yet available but our close community is honest and well connected so we will accept one of the following:


  • Purple Covid vaccination card showing both doses (in person or digital image)
  • MyCovidRecord from the Ministry of Health website MyHealth Account showing both doses
  • copy of an official confirmation of vaccination letter from the Ministry of Health

You can show these to either Deb or Matt at any class or event.

Once you have shown us the relevant documentation we will store your status in our database and you will not need to show it again.

When the new traffic light system comes into effect everyone will have to be double vaccinated.

9 November

When the new traffic light system comes into effect everyone will have to be double vaccinated to attend a class or event.

In the meantime for the health and safety of our dance community and in line with Worksafe NZ health and safety risk assessments to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, Fevah Modern Jive has determined that all of our dancers, both crew and customers, will need to show evidence of double vaccination from 1 December 2021.

  • will we lose people by doing this? - Yes
  • will we lose people if we don't do this? - Yes

If you are a current dancer and won't be returning after the 1st of December we thank you for your understanding in these challenging times.

New and different vaccines are becoming available and we know some dancers are waiting for these. We look forward to seeing you in due course.

If you are one of the very few who are exempt from a vaccine then please contact your GP for advice on getting an exemption certificate.

1 November

News is looking good for running classes this week. The Post-cabinet Press Conference this afternoon was not showing any concern at all about Christchurch.

Two days of 0 new cases and two waste water results connected to known cases, so the government is still happy with level 2 and we are confident to run classes again.

Bookings are available. If you book and we need to cancel last minute then we can send you a text message otherwise keep an eye out on the website and social media for any last minute changes.

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