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Update: 14 February 2021
COVID-19 Alert Levels update

From 11.59 pm, Sunday 14 February, outside of Auckland, New Zealand is moving to Alert Level 2 until midnight Wednesday 17 February.

Play, Active Recreation and Sport at Alert Level 2

Partner dancing can still go ahead subject to venue availability.

Alert Level 2 allows for opportunities to engage in play and active recreation including contact sports subject to the range of public health measures.

  • Maximum number of people including crew must not exceed 100 (currently only the Thursday class is likely to be affected by this but is outside the 3 day Level 2 period)
  • Stay home if you feel unwell
  • Masks are not required but they can reduce the spread of germs
  • Everyone attending must ensure we have uptodate contact details for contact tracing

On top of the above we are adding:

  • Please do not attend classes if you have been to Auckland in the last 5 days

Check back here regularly for any updates as the situation can change daily. If Level 2 restrictions become tighter or if we move to Level 3 then classes will be cancelled until restrictions ease.

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100% Contact Tracing at Fevah

Since 1 Jun we have been recording the details of everyone who attends a Fevah Modern Jive class or event whether they are a regular dancer or just visiting.

Update: 1 February 2021
Update: 31 August 2020
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