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Every day is one step closer to getting back to dancing so let's prepare ourselves for when we're on the dance floor again 🙂

Keeping In Touch
Physical Distancing Not Social Distancing!
We like the term physical distancing. Dancing is all about connection and we can still connect with each other socially off the dance floor.
If you would like to receive more communication from us then make sure you've enabled notifications from us on our website:
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We have a number of Facebook groups where you can connect with other dancers. We're posting throughout the lockdown period.
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Prefer to talk? We're happy to call you if you want to have a chat. Let us know your number and when is a good time to call.
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It's an honour when we meet dancers who have been isolating socially for various reasons - loss of a spouse, anxiety, shyness etc. - a period of physical isolation due to the Covid-19 lockdown can result in social isolation. I'm happy to talk 🙂
Physical Health
Keep active
Matt recently tore a tendon and couldn't dance for 3 months, here are some of his tips:
A little and often is the key, keeping within your bubble means less car use and potentially more walking or exercise at home.
Walking / jogging is a great way to keep active - even if it's just going around the house / garden or block. Our street is a round trip of just over 500 metres, so far over lockdown I've run over 500 laps.
According to one of the physios at the hospital, it takes a whopping 9 weeks to build up the muscle lost over 2 weeks of inactivity.
Keep your tone by doing standing pressups up against a wall or on the floor (tip: rest on your knees if you necessary). Use a brick or similar weight for other exercises.
Fitness online
ACC: Seven tips to keep your home workout injury-free and fun
ACC Website ↪
There are many fitness videos online, Deb likes
PE With Joe ↪
Eat less
This was one of the hardest things to do but clearly necessary - if the body is doing less then it needs less to sustain it.
Long term health vs short term pleasure - reducing weight is harder than putting it on, so I kept telling myself that eating less will have long term benefits.
Eat after exercise
Exercising on an empty stomach can help the body burn fat but make sure to eat immediately afterwards especially if the exercise was vigorous.
The Mental Game
Pretend you've done this before
2 years ago I broke my collar bone so when I tore a tendon it was a bit like "oh here we go again!" and it was easier to accept the disruption and inconvenience that was coming ahead.
Pretend you've been in isolation before and it may help you pass the time.
Pretend you've chosen to go into lockdown
We closed our classes well over a week before the country went into lockdown, by making the decision to close before it was necessary we took more ownership of our lives.
Look at the article linked below about life on a submarine - the sailors all chose to be on the submarine and so have no grounds for grumbling or whingeing. Lockdown has been imposed on us so we pretend as if we've chosen to be in lockdown instead.
Keep busy
Cleaning, tidying, reading, relaxing, meditating are all ways to pass time. Perhaps have a schedule to stick to.
Check out the link below from the BBC:
Submarine captain's advice on social isolation ↪
Have a routine
Every morning 7 days a week around 7:30am I walk around our street, it only takes 5 minutes but it helps setup me for sticking to a daily routine. Go for small wins rather than allocating every minute of the day.
Have a plan for when negative thoughts kick in
After tearing my tendon I found myself occasionally thinking "if only I hadn't done that particularly lift.", "this has ruined everything" or "what if I it doesn't heal, or I make it worse, or I injure the other arm?" - this all self-pity and regret over past actions and as such is a total waste of time and effort.
Each time this happened I had a plan to focus on a few set topics to replace the negative thoughts, gratitude is a great way to shift ones thinking and emotional state.
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Personal Development / Growth
Change a habit
Having my arm in a sling for 6 weeks meant I couldn't bite the nails on my left hand, so I took the opportunity to finally (after 40 years?) make a decision to stop biting my nails - which I've stuck to.
Changing even extremely addictive habits - the key is in making the decision to change. The word decide comes from the Latin decidere which means to cut off. The decision to end a habit is about permanently cutting oneself off from a habit, it's not one of the many whimsical choices we make each day.
Learn something new
During isolation I'm learning how to develop apps, working on projects that I've been meaning to do for ages.
I'm also teaching our son how to write and memorise Chinese characters.
Reorganise / declutter / Spring clean
Deb and I are doing some major tidying according to Marie Kondo 😄
The life changing magic of tidying up ↪