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Christchurch Modern Jive Championships

The Fevah Modern Jive crew are here to offer you a fantastic day of dancing. Be sure to read as much of the material as you can so you are fully prepared for a great competition on the Saturday.

Competing is great fun and all about participation - get on the floor and join in! Modern Jive competitors are reknowned for their fun atmosphere and focus on sharing the experience with others. We have lots of different categories for you to enter.

Do I Need a Partner?

Some categories such as DWAS and Lucky Dip you do not need a partner.

For other categories you do need a partner and there are a number of ways of finding one:

  • On the registration form put "help" (without the quotes) as your partner name. Your full name will appear in a list of people who are looking for a partner.
  • Let other dancers know you are looking. Mention it at your local dance class, on social media etc.
  • There's also a Facebook group Find A Dance Partner which may help (but it is a public group).

Until you do find a partner you can still enter and just put "tbc" for the time being until you know for sure.

What About Practice?

Competitions are about having fun and getting in on the action. For Levels 1 & 2 attending social dance classes, workshops and freestyles is sufficient practice for a social dance competition!

Dance with lots of different people as this will make you a better leader or follower overall. Don't get stuck into thinking that you must dance with your partner as much as possible.

If you are a more experienced / advanced dancer (Level 3 and above) then private lessons or attending specific competition training sessions may help but remember to always keep in mind the original spirit of social partner dancing.

What Do I Wear?

Anything you like! The judges do not judge you on what you wear.

Some people like to coordinate clothing / costume (especially for Battle of The Sexes and Freestyle) but this is more to get into a particular theme or character and can help with confidence and letting go of any fears about dancing in front of people.

Saturday: Harry McLean Award

From 2018 we have a new award open to couples in all levels who reach the Level 1-4 freestyle finals. The award will given to the best presented couple according to a small group of judges including Maria Dillon who is the sponsor of this award.

Sunday Competition

It's common in the Sunday Masters categories to add a bit of sparkle and flair. People really enjoy the opportunity to dress up once in a while - don't dress to impress, dress up for the sheer fun of it.

Points and Levels

Dancers enter a level according to how well they perform at competitions rather than which class they attend socially.

The Christchurch Modern Jive Champs uses the Modern Jive Points Index which is an open system that comprises four levels.

Tickets and Attendance

Competitor Tickets

Your competitor ticket gives you entry to both Saturday and Sunday, so even if you are only competing on one day you can still attend the other as a spectator / social dancer.

Number of Events
(Sat and Sun)
1 or 2 events$55.00
3 or 4 events$75.00
5 or more$95.00

Teams and Showcases each count as an event.

  • Entries close Friday, 22 Mar 11:59 pm.

Before the Weekend

Book flights
Sort out accommodation
Review the competition categories
Register online
Read the competitor briefing before the competition begins

Remember to pack your dance shoes and clothes, and for those coming from out of town: pyjamas, toothbrush and phone charger (well, I know I always need reminding).

You don't need to print our emails or registration information.

Competitor Number

Your competitor number (also called Back number as it's sometimes worn on the back) is the number judges use to rank you in each heat.

Numbers are allocated after entries close and even then not everyone is allocated a number. The following people will need a number:

  • Anyone entering Dance With A Stranger (DWAS)
  • The competitor assigned as dancing the Lead Role in couples or triples in freestyle categories.
  • The competitor assigned as wearing the Comp No in Triples or Steals.

My First Competition

A dancer shares their first competition experience:

My first comp was like, out of this world. I'd never done anything like it before and it was during a time I was very much struggling with self esteem.

I was a nervous wreck. Mostly because I had 'no freaking clue' what to expect. But when I got there, I finally understood what everyone was saying. You can be told what a picture looks like, but until you actually look at it, you have little idea, I feel.

Everyone was just so friendly! So welcoming and so encouraging. I felt like I was accepted by people (where I've never had this feeling before). Watching the people I looked up to dancing, and then seeing some others that others look up to as well was just amazing.

So, the moment I stepped foot onto that dance floor, for my first ever heat in something, I understood a little better how it worked, and I was gutted I didn't listen to everyone's advice of "enter as many events as you can! TRUST US!".

Anything new is scary. But once I did it, I was addicted and never looked back.