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Baby and full aerials are allowed and as such can be very entertaining.

  • Dancers can be Level 1 but should have attended at least one aerials workshop dealing with safety and good technique. This is not an invitation to just turn up and throw someone around!

When performing big moves such as aerials it is imperative to consider the safety of yourself, your partner and other people around you. Couples must ensure there is sufficient space around them when performing big moves and must not encroach on another couple’s dance space or they will be disqualified.

The final will consist of a slow and a fast song with tempo ranging from 90 - 140BPM.

Allowable Moves


Specific Judging Criteria

Entrances and Exits

  • It is important for couples to bear in mind that it's not just about big moves but to also stay true to the music with good timing.
  • Having a clean entry and exit is very important, as is making the moves fit the music.