Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
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Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
Modern Jive - Local Variations

Well travelled dancers know that each country and region has its own 'dance accent' that adds to the variety and appeal of Modern Jive. There are local preferences that are neither better nor worse compared to what they may be used to - they are just different.

In Christchurch we have four class nights a week with anything from 40 to 100 dancers attending each night. We emphasise being safe, being creative and having fun - learning to dance takes time and we like people to feel good at every stage of their journey of learning to dance. As a result we have a vibrant dance community who enjoy dancing socially in the city and trying a variety of dance styles.

If anything, we try to have as few rules as possible that allows us to dance socially with a partner to any music.

What is the footwork?
Do we have to dance in a slot?
Are body leads ok?
Is the music always 4/4?
Modern Jive in General

There's a general description of Modern Jive on the main Fevah site: