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Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
Masters Lucky Dip

Lucky Dip embodies the true nature of social partner dancing. Lucky Dip is about how well the experienced dancer brings out the best of the partnership which is why synergy is such an important criteria.

Our version of Lucky Dip is sort of semi-lucky in that we do have some say over who you might be paired with. We form pools of similar level dancers and randomly pair within these smaller pools. This is to ensure that two top dancers do not get paired with each other and that we all get to meet and mingle with dancers from a different location as much as possible.

  • Open to dancers aged 40 and above
  • No need to enter with a partner
  • Christchurch Champs is an Any Gender Any Role (AGAR) event and so your partner could be male or female, they'll just be dancing the opposite role.

Unlike the Saturday Lucky Dip, the Masters Lucky Dip competition will be just the one category.

Partnerships will be revealed at the Friday dance party.

Allowable Moves

Remember - simpler moves done well is better than complex moves done not so well - lead to your partner's ability 😉

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Judging Criteria

Lucky Dip is about how well the dancers bring out the best of the partnership - this is why synergy is an important part of the judging criteria.