Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
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Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
Break The Dial

Modern Jive is a very adaptable dance style capable of handling a very wide range of tempo.

In Break The Dial dancers are challenged with increasingly slower and faster music to focus on the basic timing of each song. Tempo relates to the number of beats per minute (BPM) in a song.

This is a great opportunity to showcase dancers' ability to dance to a range of song tempos. See below for specific judging criteria but in a nutshell:

  • in the slow song you should dance slowly
  • in the fast song you need to dance fast
Split Levels

We have two groups based on the sum of the levels of the competitors,

  • lower group: sum range is 2 - 5
  • upper group: sum range is 6 - 8

In the lower group a Level 3 competitor can dance with a Level 2, a Level 4 can dance with a Level 1.

Allowable Moves

Remember - simpler moves done well is better than complex moves done not so well 😉

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Specific Judging Criteria

One of our main judging criteria is musicality. Within musicality we are giving more importance to dancing to the tempo of the given song.


Approximately 80% of the time should be spent dancing to the tempo of the song

  • both dancers in a couple need to be dancing to the tempo of the song
Other Aspects of Musicality

Approximately 20% of the time can be spent on other aspects of musicality including:

  • musical interpretation
  • syncopation
  • double- & half-timing

The music for Break The Dial will have a 4/4 time signature (i.e. standard pop music). Songs will have a clear consistent beat and melody with less variation in terms of musicality to allow dancers to focus on dancing to the beat.

  • Slow songs will have a maximum tempo of 100bpm, the minimum will be 50bpm
  • Fast songs will have a minimum tempo of 140bpm, the maximum will be 190bpm

The song tempo in each round will get progressively slower and faster respectively.

Close (feat. Tove Lo)Nick Jonas62
This CitySam Fischer75
Let Me Down SlowlyAlec Benjamin75
Slow HandsNiall Horan87
Before I GoGuy Sebastian89
Ex's & Oh'sElle King140
Shake ItMetro Station152
I Said Never AgainRachel Stevens162
Blinding LightsThe Weeknd171
Mambo Number 5Lou Bega176
I'm So ExcitedThe Pointer Sisters185
Accordion BoogieMojo Blues Band189
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