There are two separate roles and they can be performed by the same person or two different people:

  • Setup at the start of the night
  • Packdown at the end


Each role takes 30 - 45 minutes max and includes dealing with furniture, sound equipment, lighting and signs.

Setup and Packdown crew get free entry and half a credit for each role.


Parties take longer to setup and packdown and so crew get free entry and a full credit for each role.

Interested in Setup or Pack Down?

To be part of the crew you need to have the right stuff! For these two roles you don't have to be a people person - just good with things.

Personal Qualities

  • You are reliable, consistent and take pride in what you do
  • You do things properly and don't cut corners
  • You are practical and get on with the job
  • You stick to the way things need to be done unless you come up with a better way

Expectations for Setup

  • The venue is ready 15 minutes before class or event is due to start
  • Setup according to each venue's requirements
  • Check the state of the venue on arrival and record any faulty items or unlocked doors
  • Ensure fire exits are clear
  • Deal with spills, trip hazards etc

Expectations for Packdown

  • Pack away items at the end of the session ensuring everything goes back in the right place
  • Complete any final checks as may be required on the venue checklist
  • Ensure doors are locked, windows closed etc
  • Leave the venue in a better state than when we found it!


training provided by Fevah Modern Jive.