Fevah Modern Jive
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Fun social dance classes

Fevah Modern Jive Teachers go through formal training to ensure your safety and enjoyment at our classes. At one point we were beginners too and believe that dancing is a lifelong process of learning and development.

We're here to teach, inspire, share, discuss and help you out. Often beginners mistake us for being scary but really we're very approachable and you can find us at class or at the various social events each month.


We help with the Skills Checks that helps beginners track their progress and readiness to move up to the next level.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most efficient way to improve your dancing in as short a time as possible. Most of our teachers are available for private tuition either before our group classes or at a time convenient for you.

Becoming a Teacher
Personal Qualities
  • You're passionate about helping others
  • You enjoy sharing your knowledge and experience
  • You're friendly, welcoming and encouraging
  • You're committed to developing your own dancing and teaching
  • You develop a great rapport with dancers at all times remembering regular dancers' names
  • Check that sound is loud and clear both for your own voice and any music
  • Teach safe, fun, enjoyable dance classes according to Fevah guidelines
  • Prepare classes with content appropriate for the level of dancers attending
  • Run a review after the class on a standard class night
  • Participate at least two reviews after teaching a workshop
Interested in Teaching?

To be part of our team you need to have the right stuff!


training provided by Fevah Modern Jive and is usually spread over 10 weeks.

Past teaching experience can help but sometimes it can be an obstacle to understanding the unique requirements of our classes that are not found elsewhere.