Teachers go through formal training to ensure your safety and enjoyment at our classes and like everyone else who comes to class they too started right from the beginning.

They're here to teach, inspire, share, discuss and happy to help you out. They're approachable and you can find them at class or at the various social events each month.

Teachers also help with the Skills Checks that helps beginners track their progress and readiness to move up to the next level.

Private Lessons

Teachers are available for private lessons which are a great way to make rapid improvements in your dancing. Teachers can also help at social events such as weddings for fun group classes.


Interested in Teaching?

A good teacher interacts with their students creating a welcoming & comfortable environment. A teacher is someone who shares their knowledge in a clear and interesting way to help people develop their own dance skills.

Personal Qualities

  • You enjoy sharing your knowledge and experience.
  • You are welcoming, outgoing and have excellent communication skills.
  • You are also committed to developing your own dancing.
  • You develop a great rapport with dancers before, during and after the class.

Key Points

  • Get to know regular dancers' names.
  • Teach safe, fun, enjoyable dance classes.
  • Run a review after the class.
  • Teach classes according to our guidelines.
  • Where needed, check that the radio mic sound is loud and clear.
  • Prepare classes with content appropriate for the level of dancers attending.
  • Attend workshops and training to stay fresh and to pick up new ideas.