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DoFIs - Front Desk

DoIF = Director of First Impressions! So this role is definitely about setting the vibe of the night.

The DoFI greets dancers, takes care of their class registration and helps with any queries they may have.

Duty period:

Day / EventStartHours
Mon, Tue 7pm2
Wed, Thu 7pm2.25
Parties 7:45pm3
Sunday Socials5:45pm1.5

The party start time is often at the earlier time of 7:15pm over winter.

Personal Qualities
  • Someone who lifts the energy of energy of the room they are in
  • Happy, positive, outgoing attitude
  • Eager to serve and not in the least bit shy
  • Ready and able to engage in conversation with anyone of any age from all walks of life
  • Punctual and reliable
  • You remember the names of regular dancers
  • Look after the front desk and setup the information table
  • Accurately record attendance and dancer's details
  • Balance cash and EFTPOS payments
  • Be familiar with the website so you can tell crew and dancers where to find stuff
  • Please do not use your phone in the main hall
Interested in being a DoFI?

To be one of our DoFI's you need to have the right stuff!

You and the Venue Manager are very much the hosts of the night and so we're looking for people who are friendly and approachable.


Training provided by Fevah Modern Jive or approved trainers.